Saturday, November 12, 2005

I Am Weak

Today I fell victim to the cuteness. How much cuteness, you ask? This much...

Yes, that is the National Zoo's baby panda and yes, I went to the zoo this morning specifically to see him. (I know at least one of my readers is gagging right now.) To counter balance today's shameful adoration of the little charismatic megavertebrate, I trekked over to the small mammal house to pay special attention to the naked mole rats.


Michael said...

Yeah, it would be me that would read about the naked mole rat and think "damn that things so cool. I want a colony in my backyard!!!"

Anonymous said...

how can you NOT be taken in! Butterstick ROCKS! I'm not addicted to the pandacam but I am sooooo jealous that you got to meet him without 50 gazillion others.


cap'n ~r. said...

*cough... hack hack... cough*
Oh, sorry. That was just me trying to re-swallow the nineteen organs I just involuntarily harfed up. My bad.
***Heheheheheheheh.*** I love being the curmudgeonly one. :)
Sure, he's adorable. I admit that. But get in the looky-loos now, because as soon as that b*tch moves into adulthood, he'll just be another dirty, lazy, cuisine-finicky non-reproducing freak of evolutionary necessity, while Darwin continues rolling over in his grave (at this rate, I'm guessing he's rolling so much his gravesite very much resembles that of a naked mole rat colony...). You know I'm right. Heheheheheheheheh. MISS YOU! ~ the cap'n