Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday, August 04, 2005

She's Having A Baby!

"Little Cari from across the street" is having a baby!

Right now. (Okay technically she'll be induced in 7 minutes.)

Cari is the first person in our neighborhood that we met when my family moved to Georgia. She was 4 years old, lived in the house directly across the street, and the day we moved in, I think we'd barely been there an hour and she came bipping up to our garage holding her gloworm and her "nite nite" and introduced herself.

My Favorite. Cari Story. Ever.
I was with Cari the first time she got pulled over by a cop. We learned that when you get pulled over for speeding in your dad's pickup, and the cop asks you for your insurance and registration, and the passenger (me) opens the glove box to get them, and BULLETS FALL OUT, and both the driver and passenger realize that where there are bullets there is probably a gun, and then both the driver and passenger have a small's okay because the cop doesn't care. Also, no ticket for the speeding.

Congratulations to the happy little family!

I still can't believe she's having a baby.

Update: Inducing of labor was delayed until the morning of the 5th. Baby Cooter (that's what The Boss and I have decided to call him) was born August 5th at 7:47pm. He was 8 pounds, 19 inches.